Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can't afford advertising?

Success in any business (if you sell Avon you have a business) is dependent on many factors, in this case we'll talk about advertising (marketing) in other words getting the word out there. If you don't let people know that you have a product to sell how will they know. The fact that you are reading this post indicates that marketing works. The bottom line is this - although you may build a business on a shoestring your chances for any real success is extremely limited! There are many different ways to advertise your Avon business we'll discuss a few here.

1 Word of mouth - As you build your business if you're lucky people will call you because your Aunt Martha recommended you. Word of mouth is very important but you still need more.
2 Newspaper - This is the easy way, you spend around a $100.00 for an add to attract new business or recruits, cross your fingers and hope.
3 Distribution of brochures - This actually works very well, the bad news is it takes work. Some Representatives have circumvented the work by "tossing". I believe this is the lazy way of doing things. How would you feel having to pick up an Avon book that's soaked with water because its rained since it was delivered. Yea I'd be real impressed. Put the brochures in a bag (Avon sells them) and hang them on a door!
4 Target Brochure Drop - This works great if you've not been beat to the punch! Here's how it works - You leave brochures at select locations, at your kids school with teachers, at the court house, the bank, video store.

Here Are Some Ideas We Use!
1 The Photo Magnets - These are actually mini billboards, you can give them to your existing customers - they put them on the fridge and see your name and business several times a day. (think about the Geico Commercial or TV ads during a political election). The more your customers see your add the more likely they are to call you. Instead of giving your existing customers a single magnet give them two - ask them if they would mind passing them on to their friends (you may very well pick up several new customers, you now have been endorsed)! Hang books in your neighborhood for three consecutive campaigns, put a magnet in a bag with the brochure the first campaign then follow it up for another two campaigns. Have an Avon open house at your home provide those that attend a magnet to hang on their fridge.
The list go on and on the idea is simple GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!

2 Apparel - This is fun, find clothing you like that promotes what you're after (new customers, recruiting) and simply wear it as you go about your day. Going to the mall, the grocery store, getting your hair done etc etc... All you want to do is invite people to contact you - you just smile and say as a matter of fact I do sell Avon -Want a book? Or Sure I sell Avon and you can too! Its not hard you're not even selling you're just inviting people to approach you!/

3 Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Tile Boxes etc. be creative and use your imagination - coffee mug to the teacher, mouse pad to the office worker - gift items to simply say "Thanks I appreciate you"! Be sure to check out Vista Print they have amazing items most for free! Just pay for shipping usually between $6-10 depending on size of order! $5 off your order if you use that link plus 80% off select items!

If you want any business at all YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO ADVERTISE!

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